Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aliki saying a few kind words in Greek

This is my friend Aliki saying a few kind words

about my new office.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little girl from Finland

Today as I was sitting outside my house a little girl with an older woman passed by. I didn't give much attention as I understood that they were foreigners. They walked by my house once more and they stood waiting for something. They looked a little lost and the little girl, as cute as a button and not more that 7 years old, asked to use the phone. I gave her my mobile and she began to press the numbers and then stopped. I asked her if she wanted some help and she told me that she wasn't quiet sure of the number. When I looked at the number it was an international number and I asked her who she was trying to contact. She said that she wished to call her mother and I asked her where her mother was and she said in Emba and she even gave me the address. I told her that the international no. was not where her mother was going to be found if she was in Cyprus and asked her if she knew her mother's mobile. She did not and was starting to get a little worried. I told her not to me afraid that we would find her mother and I wrote down the address and called Avgi a local official who used to do the post rounds.

Avgi was very helpful of course and we soon found the little girls house. I took them to the house asap and met her mother. The little girl asked whether I wanted money. I felt a little bad then, but I knew that this was a sign of the times, when a small girl was so aware that everything revolved around money. It seems that in her world there was very little else. Where was kindness, where was thoughfulness, where was wanting to help someone in need without taking anything in return. I felt very bad when I realised that this is how many people see other people. It seems that money does really talk even to our little people of 7 years of age.

Anyway I tried to ignore her remark and told her that I only wanted to say hello to her mother. Her mother was obviously in distress as she was standing outside her door and waiting for her little girl and as soon as she saw us she rushed out and hugged me. It was a lovely moment. I felt that I should not lose touch as these people obviously did not know the language and may need help once more. It's not about the money as I expect nothing. Its about showing people that even in these very exciting and changing times our example can help the little people be more giving, loving and humane............

Posted by Soula 22.4.2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Listening to Whales

Greek Easter in Cyprus is one of the nicest times of the year. The Cypriots have a strong religious bond with the church and the churches are always packed to the full every evening of the Easter week. It is a wonderful feeling to be apart of the gathering and of taking part in the easter celebrations. However, this Easter I have understood another side of the matter. It has been always understood that the people remain on land and that the creatures of the sea remain in the sea. The fact of the matter is very different I feel.

For a long time I have felt that especially the larger creatures like the whales are calling out to us. It started a few years ago for me with the whales. I do not know what brought this on. This feeling of connection. Maybe it was just a thought in a dream. Maybe I wanted to feel their strength around me and to feel their power, to feel safe. I do not know. The only thing I know was that I woke up one morning with a revelation and a thought. It was that I should not forget the whales, that they were all around us and calling for us. Of course, this was absurd for me. How can anyone forget the whales. Those great, powerful, graceful creatures of the sea. We couldn't forget them even if we tried. However, this was more resolute thought. It was as if I was aware of a connection between the human being and the great whale. Of course I was amazed. What could this mean? Was it only me having a daydream or was it something more? In the years that went by I understood that I was becoming aware of the whales more and more. And that I should listen. Listen to the whales.

Of course, we can dream of listening to the whales and to having a connection, but do we truly have one? Are we so connected with these great creatures to the point that we can communicate with them? Many times I catch myself listening to them and there is nothing there. Why do I do it? Is it possible, is it just a passing fancy of mine a whim? Believing that there is a connection between me as a human and the great beings of the sea. I do not know, the only thing I know is that their being there puts me on alert and I am listening out for them. Its as if they are on a wave frequency of listening and speaking just like other animals have for example the dogs. The dog whistle that has no sound, but this animal can hear it having its own frequency. Is it that we as humans can hear the whales and that we just need to open up our higher listening wave frequencies? For me this could be it, this may be the answer. That we have the capability of hearing the whales on higher frequencies, much higher than we could ever imagine and with the capability we have for listening to whales have the capability to listen to other beings!!!!

Food for thought by Soula 15.4.2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

Butterflies of Cyprus

Post published Monday 6th April, 2009, Emba, Paphos.
Soulas' Thoughts No. Two

In our garden yesterday the children and I came across this beautiful butterfly. It was one of the largest butterflies I have seen recently and it was a very rare treat. We had decided to do some gardening in lieu of the coming Festive Easter season and we were busy working in our garden. Planting and trimming and generally putting the garden in order. Believe me it needed it. Anyway we were all very excited when we found the butterfly and ran to fetch our various apparatus it being either camera or mobile to take photos of the beautiful butterfly.
We were all so thrilled to see it and to be able to take photos. It was as if the butterfly was sitting there waiting for us to take photos and take our fill of her with our eyes. We just were so amazed that she didn't fly away immediately. The butterfly let us take lots of photos of her and even let Demos take her on the back of his hand where she sat for quite a few minutes. We were all in awe of the situation as we knew that this was not a normal phenomenon. Usually butterflies would fly away as soon as see you. And this one just sat there and let us enjoy her beauty. We were all very happy to have her near us and then she decided to fly away.

Gardens are such lovely places. When it comes to earth and flowers it can me a messy business if you have not got stuck in for a long time, but it is so rewarding. I love looking at flowers and gardens and love planting whenever I can. The children love it also. I came home with quite a few bulbs to plant and my second child went all over the garden planting them. I didn't know he had it in him. He has proved to be quite a gardener even though he showed no signs of being one before, now that I started to do various odd jobs and planting he has showed a marked interest in this passtime himself. You never know with children until you put them in close proximity with a hobby what they are capable of.................
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hello to all friends!!!

Well here I am too!!! On this wonderfull Public holiday - March the 25th - here in Cyprus writing my first blog. Collecting my thoughts and trying to put in writing some of my thoughts and life experiences. It is a religious public holiday for all us Greek Cypriots here in Cyprus. We honour today our Mother Mary, the Theodokos, which literally means our Holy Mother Mary who gave birth to Christ.

Up early, but not early enough to take part in the mass at the monastery of the Panayia of Amirou in Limassol, I woke up and was no the road at 07:30hrs. Practically no traffic on the road and with a light drizzel accompanying me nearly all the way there, I left Paphos where I live to go on my little prilgrimage to the Monastery of the Panayia of Amirou in Limassol. This monastery takes its name from the Panayia, our holy Mother Mary, and it's called Panayia of Amirou as the benefactor as the legend goes was an Emir. The writings say that there was an Emir who had a young daughter who was sick and was dying. The Emir prayed to the Holy Mother as his ship sailed past Cyprus to save his daughter. A bright light shone on the hills above Limassol and the Emir's daughter was miraculously cured. The Emir true to his word built the church where the light had shone and gave it many riches.

The Icon of the Panayia of Amirou is beautiful and is ancient. It lovingly depicts the Holy Mother breastfeeding Christ her baby. As I gaze upon the Icon of the Holy Mother a sense of the pure love washes over me. I have this feeling every time I come to the monastery. It is a feeling of unconditional love and it remains with me for a long time after I have left the monastery. The most phenomenal change which I see in myself every time I visit the monastery is that just before I enter the monastery's grounds and well after I have left I do not wish to talk. It is as if there is no need to talk. My heart goes still from a very silent force and it listens, my speech has no sound and my whole being resonates to the sound of the silent prayers of love offered up from the nuns in the monastery. Very powerful stuff believe me!!!
With love,